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Unique 80+ Motivational Quotes In English

Unique 80+ Motivational Quotes In English

Unique 80+ Motivational Quotes In English | Everyday Whatsapp Status

Always stay Motivated, and never loose a hope. Stay focus on your goal, work hard towards your goals. If you are motivated this will bring you close to your Goals every day and bring the inner peace and satisfaction. Stay calm and feel motivated every day. It’s a very good habit and should be in everyone’s life. It tends to remove all the negative thoughts in one’s Life.Here are some of the best collection of Motivational Quotes. This Quotes will Inspire from inside

1. "Everyone Laughs At Your Dreams, Until You Start Making Money."

2. "Nobody Cares About Your Degree, When You Drive A Lamborghini."

3. "You Have To Make Sacrificies, But Never Sacrifies whoo you are."

4. "Learn From Everyone, Follow No One."

5. "Sometimes It's Not About Who Is More Talented, Sometimes It's About Who Is More Hungry."

6. "Stop Crying For A Bitch, And Start Struggling To Become Rich."

7. "No One Gives A Shit About What You Could Have Done."

8. "Don't Stay In The Bes Unless You Can, Make Money In The Bed."

9. "No One Is Coming To Save You, Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility."

10. "I Was Bad At Maths But, Today Even My Teacher Can't Calculate My Income."

11. "When Life Slaps You, Get Up And Say, Oh Dear You Mess With The Wrong Person."

12. "You Have Two Ears And One Mouth, Follow The Ratio, Listen More And Talk Less."

13. "If You Want To Shine Like A Sun, First Burn Like A Sun."

14. "You Can't Climb The Ladder To Success With Your Hands In Pocket."

15. "If You Want To Live A Life Which Nobody Is Living, Then You Have To Do What Nobody Is Doing."

16. "Be Yourself, Ignore The Society."

17. "Work Hard In Silence, Let Your Success Make The Noise."

18. "Success Hugs You In Private But, Failure Slaps You In Public."

19. "First They Call You Crazy, Then They Will Call Your For Advice."

20. "Champions Never Complain, They Are Too Busy Getting Better."

21. "Winners Focus On Winning, Losers Focus On Winners."

22. "Don't Be Afraid To Shine."

23. "Focus On 80% Profit, Rather Than 20% Loss."

24. "Slow Success, Builds Character, Fast Success Builds Ego."

25. "The Word Lucky Is An Insult, I Worked Very Hard To Get Here."

26. "Let Your Inner Voice Speak Louder, Than The Opinions Of The People."

27. "The Climbs Is Tough, But The View From The Top Sure Is Worth It."

28. "Life Is Not A Movie Bro, If The Enemy Is Stronger Than You, You Will Die."

29. "No Rich Guy Is Ugly, Remember That."

30. "Don't Worry About Money, Money Follow People, People Should Follow Their Dreams."

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