Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Hey you might be having your friends or moms or any other one’s birthday today who is in with you in a relationship so to make this bond more strong and truthful you should wish him or her a birthday wish which makes him feel special.This is First on Blogger

So here you will find Happy Birthday Messages|Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes |Happy Birthday Wishes| Happy Birthday Quotes| Happy Birthday Wishes for Love| Happy Birthday wishes for Friend| Happy Birthday wishes | Happy Birthday Wishes For Family 

Happy Birthday Wishes


1.May your life be brighter
As each birthday comes and goes
With new happiness unfolding
Like the petal of a rose
Have a wonderful Birthday!
2. Light up the world with your smile,  wishing you a Happy Birthday.
3. Haapppyyyy Birthday _______!!
Keep that childlike smile always alive…
May you always stay as curious and excited as ever and may all that you wish for come true.
4. Thumbs up ma’am/sir…
for holding on to your sanity while dealing with a group of naughty kids every day!
Wish you a very relaxing Birthday.
5. My simple little girl who’s always smiling…
very endearing…
Happy Birthday

6. Leave the belligerence of the 20s. Start out by being a good person, a happy person; and enjoy the success that comes your way.
Happy Birthday!
7. Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Happy birthday!
8. Happy birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true
9. “A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday!”
10. “ Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday!”

11. “May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”
12. “Happy birthday! Your life is just about to pick up speed and blast off into the stratosphere. Wear a seat belt and be sure to enjoy the journey. Happy birthday!”
13. “This birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality and may lady luck visit your home today. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known.”
14. “May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best. Happy birthday.”
15. “Count not the candles…see the lights they give. Count not the years, but the life you live. Wishing you a wonderful time ahead. Happy birthday.”

16. “Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.”
17. “Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. May today and all of your days be amazing!”
18. “Your birthday is the first day of another 365-day journey. Be the shining thread in the beautiful tapestry of the world to make this year the best ever. Enjoy the ride.”
19. “Be happy! Today is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you! You are a wonderful person! May you be given more birthdays to fulfill all of your dreams!”
20. Happiness begins with your smile and let your smile change the world dear. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.

21. When nothing goes right, i go to you. You’re my go to person at every hour. Happy birthday.
22. Happy birthday! May you have a special day filled with joy and a year filled with bliss.
23. Happy birthday! Wishing you a smile for every precious second of your special day.
24. Happy birthday. Have a truly wonderful time on your special day.
25. Hoping your special day grants every birthday wish you have in mind. Happy birthday.

26. May you receive everything that your wonderful, big heart desires!
Wishing you a special day full of all that brings you joy! Happy birthday!
27. Happy birthday! On your special day and all year-round, enjoy whatever you want most from life.
28. May what you wished for arrive exactly the way you expected. Happy birthday!
29. Sending your way a special day full of joy, laughter and, most of all, love. Happy birthday!
30. Wishing you a day so special that you remember it always. Happy birthday.

31. Good health and happiness all your days…and double on your special day. Happy birthday!
32. May the joy you bring everyone you know be returned to you in spades. Happy birthday!
33. On your special day, I wish you the finest things that life can offer you, starting with all the love you deserve! Happy birthday!
34. Happy birthday! Although I may not be with you on your special day, I would like you to know that I only have great memories of everything we’ve done up to this point…and hope you create even more today.
35. May all your birthday wishes come true just the way you want them to. Happy birthday!

36. When you were born, we knew that God had sent us a beautiful angel. And you’ve only become more angelic with every passing year, bringing joy to our lives. Happy birthday, our lovable angel!
37. Wishing you all the gifts life has to offer you, wrapped with all the love I can give…now and forever. Happy birthday!
38. Happy birthday. From one true friend to another, may good health, great fortune and incredible joy follow you all your days.
39. For me, it’s an honor and privilege to wish you, someone so special in my life, the best of birthdays. Have the best ever.
40. A very happy birthday to one of my greatest friends ever.

41. On your special day, I would like to raise a glass of the finest to you and your future. May this glass be full all your days. Happy birthday.
42. Happy birthday! You’re looking more beautiful than ever! It must be your beautiful personality.
43. Happy birthday! Words alone cannot express how much you mean to me and how much it means to me to celebrate another year of your wonderful life!
44. On your birthday, I only have one important wish for you. Be happy, be health and be wise today and always. Happy birthday.
45. Finding a friend like you was one of the luckiest things in my life. You make my life awesome. Hoping I can make your birthday and the rest of your life just as amazing. Happy birthday.

Short Birhday wishes

46. Have the very happiest of happy birthdays!
47. Hoping your birthday is as heavenly as you are!
48. You deserve only the finest…today and all year long!
49. May your birthday be filled with the guiltiest of pleasures!
50. Let’s make your this birthday one for the record books!

51. May the force be with you on this birthday!
52. Another year older, another reason to tell you how special you are.
53. My warmest wishes and my deepest love on your birthday and forever!
54. Wishing you a blessed birthday, year and life.

Birthday Messages

55. How I wish I could fly to you right now and be with you on this special day of yours. But remember, my good wishes are always there with you. Happy birthday!


56. A person like you deserves the best of everything in life. I pray to God to bless you with all the goodness in life. Happy birthday to you dear!
May you be blessed with sunshine and rainbows in life. Happy birthday dear!
57. You are a blessing to me. Therefore, this day is as important to me as it’s to you my dear love. Happy birthday!
58. Here’s sending a simple text full of warmth, love and blessing for the most beautiful person I know! Happy birthday sweetheart.
59. It must be raining when you were born. Wondering why? Because all angels must be crying as their best star was sent to earth. You are the best star! Happy birthday!
60. Radiance in eyes, love in heart and peace in mind, I wish to God to bless you all of this and more. Happy birthday to you!

61. I wish I could write your name on the sky to let the world know how special you are to me. Here’s me wishing you a very happy birthday!
62. You birthday is like a festival to me, I celebrate it with all my heart and soul. Wishing you a happiest birthday ever.
63. I pray to God to give you what you deserve and NOT what you desire, because your desire maybe few but you deserve A LOT. Happy birthday dear!

Birthday Wishes For Family

64. Mom, I will always be thankful for all the care and love. You’ve showered me since I was a baby. You are simply wonderful, and the best gift God gave me. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday!
65. One of the reasons why I treasure our family is that someone like you is part of it. Happy birthday, dear sister!

66. May your special day be overflowed with happiness and love, as well as to the rest of your life. I am very thankful that I have wonderful sister like you to be part of my life. Happy Birthday, Sis!
67. Am very thankful that you are my brother, I hope that you feel it too, Just always remember, I am very proud of you. Have a Happy Birthday bro!
68. I wish a great and wonderful birthday to my special brother. I hope that you feel nothing other than happiness. Happy Birthday!
69. It seems like yesterday you were just a little kid fascinated by all the little things.
70. Now, you fascinate me. You are such an inspiring person to see.


Each year, you grow into a marvelous person.
I hope you have more beautiful changes in you to come.
You still have many, many, many birthdays to celebrate.
Happy birthday little bro!
71. You’re the greatest and most wonderful gift that God gave us. I’m so proud to have a wonderful son like you. Happy Birthday, son!
72. Time flies so fast. You’re a grown up lady now. I thank God for giving you to us. You’re such a blessing. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Happy Birthday wishes for Love

73. May your Birthday go super special and happy as you are, darling!
74. With every bday that passes makes you hotter and sexier. Happy Bday my hotties.
75. May your this birthday becomes wonderful, beautiful and full of love… just like you!! Let’s Celebrate !! You deserve the best.

76. Painters and poets are the best people to express the feelings inside the heart. But, I can only say: Happy Birthday and I love you.
77.You are the most trusted friend, soul mate, and my partner. I can’t imagine my life without you. On this birthday, I will remind you all the reasons why I love you the most.
78. I always dreamt of a friend who is always being close to my heart.
This dream comes true when I met yours.
To make your special day more special…
I wish you a very happy Birthday…
I hope you all dreams come true this year.
79. This Birthday Greeting for my Lover who protects me with his armor. Who loves me a lot? A ton of wishes for my prince from her princess.
80. On your Birthday, I want to offer a small piece of the world to offer you as your special gift. I love you and A Very happy Birthday.

81. Happy Birthday to my love who makes my all dream come true. I love you
82. I love the sparkle in your eyes and the beautiful smile you have when we are together. I want to be by your side to watch you celebrate many more birthdays.

83. In a garden filled with blooms, you stand out as the most beautiful and most beguiling creation. With you, I feel like I am in heaven all the time. Happy Birthday, my sweetest one.

84. Tonight, let’s live as if we have no other cares in the world but each other. You deserve a big birthday celebration, and you are going to get it.
85. Just like the day doesn’t start without the sun, my life doesn’t start without your touch and your sweet nothings. Thank you for being the best in the world.

86. The day you were born was a lucky day for so many people. You enrich my life so much and I love you more than you might know!
87. I never really thought I’d meet someone like you. All of your days should be as special as your birthday. I want to do whatever I can to make that happen.
88. The heavens opened and sent you down to me. I will always remember the way my heart skipped several bits when I first saw you. Happy Birthday. You still light a fire in me in a way that makes me want to be the best person I can be.
89. In honor of your special birthday, I have named one star after you. It should remain a secret just between us so that every time you look up to the dark skies and see that one star twinkling; you know I’m watching over you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

90. When nothing goes right, i go to you. You’re my go to person at every hour. Happy birthday.

91. Happy birthday to my idiot friend who is still a kid at heart. Lots of happy returns of the day.
92. Nothing can be as joyous as spending time with you, let today be the best of all so far. Happy birthday friend, you are loved.
93. A friend is someone who always has your back, no matter what. Happy birthday friend, i have yours.
94. Finding someone perfect isnt friendship, embracing their imperfections and still being their friend is one. Happy birthday dear.
95. Happy birthday friend, lets continue doing all the stupid things we do together for life.

96. If i could gift you anything, i would gift you the ability to see yourself through the eyes of others. Happy birthday champ.
97.Happy birthday, we grew up together doing crazy things and now its time to do bigger ones.
98. Happy birthday, may tjis day brings much joy, happiness and health to you. Enjoy.
99.Happy birthday dear, may this day comes back in your life for a thousand more years.
100. Having you as my friend is a privilage to me. Happy birthday. You are precious.

101. Never think you are alone, i am always there for all your fixes. Happy birthday.
102. Happy birthday to someone who still waits for his birthday like a child every year. The day is finally here. Have fun.
103. Happy birthday dear. Your parents must be proud of you. We all love you. Keep working hard.
105. Happy birthday to you, to the one who never lets a day pass gloomy. You are our party animal. Party hard today.
106. Happy birthday dear. You have been there in my life as a guiding light. Stay blessed.
107. People come and go but true friends always stay. Happy birthday lad.
Your birthday is also mine to celebrate. Happy birthday dear. Lets have fun together today.
108. I learnt the meaning of true friendship from you. Happy birthday my friend. Always going to be there for you.
109. Your friendship is like oxygen. Cannot live without it. Happy birthday friend.
110. Happy birthday idiot, may your day be full of surprises and you cut innummerable cakes.

111. I cannot imagine how cute you would look with all those cake on your face. Happy birthday to you.
112. Keep Smiling, Be happy, and make all your dream comes true in coming years. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!
113. It’s your day! Go, Fly, swim, life beyond the expectations, make unconventional happen, wish you a very happy birthday.
114. This is a very special milestone in the journey called life. Wish God will make this milestone full of joy and happiness.

117. It comes once in 365 days, yes I am talking about your birthday. Let’s make it BIG for you with good wishes from us.
118. Birthday is the day when you reborn, let’s celebrate it big, Happy birthday.
119. It’s the perfect day to take a new resolution for the upcoming New Year in your life. Wish you a promising birthday.
120. Wish the upcoming year will be one level up in achieving the impossible in your life. Happy birthday.
121. Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I have ever meet on this earth. Happy birthday.

122. I wish this day will be the most special day of your life after receiving countless good wishes from me. Happy birthday, bro.
123. Don’t ever change, because you are just amazing the way you are. Happy Birthday my Hero.
124. Here I am wishing birthday the sweetest and coolest person ever I meet. Have the happiest birthday.
125. Wish you will have an extraordinary birthday like the most outstanding you are. Happy birthday, dear.
126. You are an amazing person in every way. Keep smiling and enjoy this special day.


127. I was thinking to gift something cool, funny and amazing, then suddenly I remember you already have me in your life.
128. Don’t think you are getting older; think how classic you are getting by claiming one more year. Happy birthday!
129.Happy cake on your face daily. Happy birthday my dear friend.
130.Yes, it’s a special day, because the kindest and beautiful hearted person was born on this special day. Happy birthday, thanks for joining to our life.
131.I was thinking since from last month what to send on your birthday. Sorry, you’re inexpressible in words. Happy birthday to you.
132.Another year has passed, thanks for adding wonderful memories that we add together. Happy birthday, dear.
133.Smile, Smile, Smile, and keep smiling because of its your birthday here. Happy birthday, dude.
134.Still, your smile looks sparkling with the few remaining teeth’s that are left. Happy birthday


135.More candle and cakes are waiting to add happiness on your birthdays. Wish you a very happy birthday.
136.Congratulation! You have come across one more amazing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
137.Remember age is nothing without number; it’s you who decide how young heart you want to keep. Happy birthday.
138. Hey, Congratulation, now you are officially too old to drive motorbike with your girlfriend. Happy birthday, bro.
139. You are like fine wine, getting much better with more time you are spending here on earth. Happy birthday.
140. Neither you or I can stop the time, all we can do it celebrate a memorable birthday of yours.

141. It’s been proven that the peoples, who live longer in the earth, celebrate more happy birthdays.
142. I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I wish to the direction of all happiness changes their direction towards you. Happy Birthday
143. Let’s light up the candles, cut cakes, and celebrate this special day of your life. It’s party time, Happy birthday.
144. I wish you will receive all best things in the world in the coming years, and fulfil all your dreams. Wish you a very happy birthday.
145. Life is too short to think about the past, enjoy the present and live fullest. Happy birthday to my dear friend.
146. I am feeling awesome to wish birthday to the best soul ever I meet on this planet. Thanks for joining us.
147. Someone whom I love most was born today. Happy birthday to my dearest one.
148. Congratulation and celebration, wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you.
149. Hey buddy, it’s your birthday today, so no work, only fun and fill it will all things that you love to do. Happy birthday.
150. On this special day, I wish may your destiny take you everywhere, where you are dreamt of going and making fun. Happy birthday.


151. Yes, finally it’s your turn to give a party and take loved gifts from us. Happy birthday
152. Dear Bestie, It’s a new year. All you need to do is take a cosy shelter in some alluring environment with a pillow beneath your feet showing gratitude and to intensify the bliss drop an umbrella in your drink. Happy Birthday To You!
153. Dear Best Friend, I wish you had a remarkable year ahead and prospered more than anything else in this world. Hope you have your luck as a companion in all circumstances to make the journey of life worthwhile and blessed. Happy B’day!
154. Dear Buddy, May this birthday of yours comes to be supremely mesmerising as you are and fulfil all your dreams and desires. Wishing You many happy returns of the day! Stay healthy, stay young.
155.Happy Birthday dear, may you keep smiling and prospering more and more throughout the life. I have never found a friend as good as you in the true sense of the word. This day is as special to me as it is to you.


156.Happy B’day best friend, today I wish you a prosperous and delightful year ahead. Hope you keep this good health and wealth as well till the last breathe of your journey in this eternal world. Wish you from the core of my heart.
157.I can never complain about your stupidity because i am equally responsible for the same. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. More mischiefs to come.
158.Wish God will bless you with everything that you desire to have, will solve every problem in your life, and will give enough strength to fight against the odds. Wish you a very happy birthday.
159.Forgot the pain, forgive the ignorance, and move forward to add another upcoming new year in your life. Wish you a very happy birthday.
160.Wish the next 8760 hours of your life will be most amazing hours you have ever spent. Live the life like never before, wishing you a very happy birthday.
161.When you cut your birthday cake this year, close your eyes and think once how lucky you are receiving countless good wishes from your friends and me. Happy birthday buddy.
162.My gift is not an iPhone, but countless blessings, good wishes and the good memories that will make your birthday full of happiness. May God bless you, happy birthday.


163.You are becoming more charming, more beautiful, more amazing with the more age you are gaining. Wish you an evergreen beautiful birthday.
You look startling every time when your birthday cakes smashed into your face. Hope this year the cake will be bigger!! Happy birthday.
164.I wish that with every addition of candles on your birthday cakes, it also adds thousands of additions of reasons to smile. Have a blessed birthday.
165.On this special day, I just want to remind you how honestly, truly, madly in love with you. Give me the opportunity to make your day filled with great memories.
166.Don’t you believe in miracles?, I do, because it’s nothing without god miracles to send such beautiful soul on this special day. Happy birthday.
167. It’s the year that has gone; it’s the footprints that one leaves on our hearts. And, I am happy to keep another year of good memories with you. Happy birthday.
168. Happy Birthday to the most Incredibly Precious person in my life, a true gift from God, my dearest friend. Have fun filled and fabulous birthday like every year. Thanks for being my best and loving friend. I wish to be graced with the pleasure of your friendship for years to come.
169. Our childhood memories are a treasure to me. I cherish each and every moment with you. You were always there for me and supportive many times. Happy Birthday to the greatest inspiration of my life, my best childhood friend. Hope we will be celebrating together for the years to come


170. I wish this birthday brings you lots of love, laughter, and happiness in your life. Have a fantastic birthday fulfilling all your dreams, desires and goals this year. I promise to be on your side on all your days. Happy Birthday my one and only bestest person
171. Wishing best birthday to the most handsome guy I know. I wish nothing but health, happiness, and exciting adventures this year to you. Hope you get all that you dream and love. You are the best..!!! Happiest Birthday ever..have a blast Rockstar..!!! Lets Party Hard dude..!!!
172. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and gorgeous soul in my life. Your presence had brought me so much, love, fun, and joy to my life. Wish you have best Birthday pretty girl..!!! May you grow even stronger, ever brighter and even more charming than you are this very moment
173. I hope your life get filled with happiness and joy, as I feel when I am with you. Happy Birthday to lover.


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